Is Quilting By Hand Better Than Machine Quilting?

Quilting is a tradition and interest that has been present for many decades. However, in the past, majorities completed this task by hand. Moreover, there were groups of women who would finish a quilt together, also known as the ‘quilting bee’. The art of this wonderful sewing trend hasn’t died out, but as a matter of fact, newer techniques, patterns and machines have been found. As a fact, individuals are able to work with simple to most intricate patterns. With that said, there are sewing machines that are designed to help in quilting. As a fact, it makes the job much faster and easier. If you’ve been working with hands and you’re wondering whether or not to shift to a machine, you might want to consider some facts. 

Or, you might be a beginner and you’re confused between the two selections for quilting. You need to understand that, there are certain pros and cons of both these options. If you enjoy doing work or tasks patiently, you might prefer doing it by hand. On the other hand, for faster and better quilting machines are a popular choice today, with that said, are you interested in doing by hand or the machine? How can you make a better choice as a starter for quilting? Given that, here’s a comparison between the two techniques that you should consider:

• If you were on a tight schedule and need to give in the quilt soon, then it wouldn’t be wise to opt for quilting by hand with the help of unique hand quilting stencils over the machines. The reason being that, this is much more time consuming than having to work on a machine.

• Furthermore, if you’re thinking about the space factor, when you’re working on a quilting project, you might want to consider the machine. As doing it by hand will take up a lot of space, when using the machine you could fold it away and keep it on the resting platform of the machine.

• In terms of the durability of the quilts and how often it would be used, you might want to consider machine quilting over other hand quilting stencils or patterns. Since, this is more practical, as the sewing of the quilt would be stronger.

• For those who are looking for traditional pieces of work such as heirloom, then hand quilting would be the best option. The entire task would be completed by hand, which has a better appeal and stands out.

There are many wonderful patterns available in books, magazines, etc. As a fact, beginners and skilled individuals could make the design on quilts. Later, these quilts can be taken for home or even to sell it to others. With that said, consider the facts mentioned here, when you’re deciding between hand or machine quilting.